A must do for any genealogist. The new way to do genealogy.


Bring your chart alive! If you are a genealogist you can present your family history on video. Show and discuss your chart including pictures, documents, and family heirlooms. Your video will tell the story in a much more inviting and entertaining way. It may be added to your chart, shared through the internet or distributed on a custom designed DVD.


We all know how difficult it is to find information about ancestors through document searching. How about interviewing the matriarch or patriarch of the family and record them talking about their childhood memories and family stories? If they are 85 years old they can talk about an ancestor who may have been born in the 1880s or earlier and can provide plenty of details that you will never find in government documents. How fantastic to have them recorded talking about their own life and family history that may be viewed by unborn generations. The essence of the storyteller is captured forever.

Receive 30% off if a veteran is in your chart or interviewed on camera for your video. 

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